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Today we chat with Jason from Sow the Land about Digital Homesteading.  Jason and his lovely wife Loraine share their adventures of leaving the city life in search for a more minimal and intentional life on You Tubeinstagram, and Sow the Land podcast.  

In this episode Jason shares their story and covers topics such as:

  • getting started in You Tube
  • Equipment options
  • Importance of Telling your Story
  • Editing Skills and software options
  • benefits of using You Tube
  • Podcasting on Video


Sow the Land video @ Mother Earth News Fair

Sow the Land video @ Organic Growers School

Sow the Land website 


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Today we chat with Tradd Cotter from Mushroom Mountain about Mushrooms in Soil Building.  In this episode we cover topics such as

  • How Mushrooms Build Soil
  • Best Edible Mushrooms for Garden
  • The Importance of Mycorrhizae Fungi in seed starting
  • Using mushrooms in your Orchards and Forest Gardening
  • Should you use mushrooms that are NOT edible in your landscape?
  • Gardening Practices to avoid

Tradd Cotter and his wife Olga have taken their immense love and knowledge of mushrooms and made it their life goal to share it with the world as well as provide very high quality mushroom spore collected and cultivated at their own mushroom research facilities.  They are involved in all areas of fungi including fungal solutions for pest control, disease, plant health, restoring degraded land, and increasing fertility to the soil.  Tradd has also written an excellent book called Organic Mushroom Farming and Mycoremediation that gives an in-depth look at practical cultivation how-to's, strategies for mycoremediation, and fungi identification. 

Mushroom Mountain offers online classesconsulting, onsite mushroom tours and trails, and workshops.  You can find them at a variety of speaking events as well as online at  Additionally, you can purchase a wide variety of mushrooms and medicinal tinctures (mycomatrix)  from their online store.

Additional Show Notes:

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Today we chat with Kate St. Cyr with The Modern Day Settler about getting started with Dairy Goats.  Kate is a blogger and You Tuber as well as a writer for Countryside and Grit Magazine who shares her homesteading adventure of raising livestock and restoring her beautiful 1790’s New England colonial farm.  

In this episode we cover topics such as dairy goat breeds, importance of fencing, setup, supplies, and keeping an emergency livestock kit.  



Kate has provided a blog post that outlines what you should know before getting goats to go with this podcast.  You can check that out at:

Check out this link for instructions and pictures of the milk stand we discussed:

Here is the link to the birth kit as well as all the emergency items Kate keeps on hand for all her livestock.

A big thank you to Kate for sharing her knowledge with us today!  To learn more and follow her on her adventures, be sure to find her on instagram ( ) You Tube ( ), and her blog (


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